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Industrial Division

June 23, 2010


IRt/c sensors are now used in many of the most automated factories in the world, helping to manufacture higher
quality products at lower cost, everything from tires and steel, to bread and chocolates.


IRt/c sensors have been designed into the most advanced OEM products in the world, from controlling the temperature fusing of colored toner inks in the world’s first digital color printing press, to measuring temperature of tiny blood samples in the world’s first portable blood analyzer to perform accurate blood tests in under two minutes.The mission of the IRt/c line is to increase your profitability. We are here to help you find solutions with your non-contact temperature measurement needs.


Precalibrated IRt/c Family Data Sheet and Selection Matrix – Self powered with thermocouple output, factory calibrated for low temperatures (under 500F), narrow temperature ranges and non-metal or coated metal surfaces.


Adjustable IRt/c Family Data Sheet – Self powered with thermocouple output, field calibrated for high temperatures (up to 5000 F), narrow temperature ranges, and metal or nonmetal surfaces, with built in cooling to 400F.

SmartIRt/c Family Data Sheet – Powered with analog output or RS232, linearized over wide temperature ranges (up to 1800F), and non-metal or coated metal surfaces.

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